Petition to deregulate MO electricity approved for cicrulation

October 30, 2015

Reduce Your Energy Bill

Lowering Your Monthly Bills by Choosing Alternative Energy Suppliers

Commercial Energy Consultants is a national company that provides the best energy saving solutions for businesses and residences to reduce their monthly energy costs. The process is founded around energy deregulation, a shockwave that has begun tearing down the strongholds of non-competitive energy markets around the country. If you are using your state’s default energy provider, then you’re paying too much money.

Same Energy, Save Money.

It’s pretty much that simple. In deregulated states, there are companies ready to offer you lower monthly premiums for the right to give you energy. No changes to your system, no backlash from the incumbent energy providers, no low-quality providers or fly-by-night companies looking to undersell to make a buck. These are real, A+ rated companies that are dying to get your business – and they’re ready to offer you a lower monthly bill to do it. Same Energy, Save Money.

We would like to solicit your signature to allow for the deregulation of electricity in the State of Missouri.  We are seeking 98,000 signatures by May 16, 2016 that will allow the petition to be submitted to the Secretary of State.  If successful the issue and will then be placed on the ballot in Nov 2016 for a statewide vote.

The deregulation of electricity will help you to lower your monthly electric bill costs by giving you the options to choose alternative energy suppliers. The process is founded around energy deregulation, a shockwave that has begun tearing down the strongholds of non-competitive energy markets around the country.

Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander announced on Oct 20, 2015 that an initiative petition relating to the purchase of electricity by retail customers has met state standards for circulation.

If successful Missouri law would be amended to allow retail customers both business and residential to purchase electricity from any electric supplier that sells such services to retail customers in the state?

The petition, which would amend Chapter 393 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, was submitted by Mike Grimes, 8019 Gannon Ave., University City, MO 63130.

I will be more than happy to meet with you to get things going and obtain your signature and explain this opportunity further. Thank you for your participation.

Mike Grimes

Mike Grimes – President

Commercial Energy Consultants LLC


314-735-4419 F

Mo petition to deregulate Electricity approved

October 23, 2015

Ballot Initiative Being Pursued In Missouri To Offer Customers Retail Electric Choice 

October 22, 2015 

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Reporting by Paul Ring •

Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander announced that an initiative petition relating to the purchase of electricity by retail customers has met state standards for circulation.

The official ballot title for initiative petition 2016-088 reads:

Shall Missouri law be amended to allow retail customers of an electrical corporation to purchase electricity from any electric supplier that sells such services to retail customers in the state?

“The fiscal impact to state government is unknown but would likely include implementation costs and could include litigation costs. The fiscal impact to local governments is unknown but could include a loss in tax revenues from electric utility suppliers and potential litigation costs,” the Secretary of State said

The petition, which would amend Chapter 393 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, was submitted by Mike Grimes, 8019 Gannon Ave., University City, MO 63130.

Petitioners are seeking to introduce amendments to the code reading as follows:

— The purpose of this section is to ensure that all retail customers of electric power in this state have the choice of electric suppliers, and to encourage competition in this state in the provision of electric supply.

— No later than January 1, 2018, all retail customers of an electrical corporation as defined in § 386.020. RSMo., shall have the right to choose an alternative electric supplier. An “alternative electric supplier” means a company selling electric generation service to retail customers in this state.

— The public service commission shall issue orders establishing a licensing procedure for all alternative electric suppliers. No alternative electric supplier shall engage in any business in this state unless it obtains and maintains a license issued by the public service commission.

Before any statutory changes can be brought before Missouri voters in the November 2016 election, signatures must be obtained from registered voters equal to five (5) percent of the total votes cast in the 2012 governor’s election from six of the state’s eight congressional districts.

Signatures on behalf of all initiative petitions for the 2016 ballot are due to the secretary of state’s office by no later than 5 p.m. on May 8, 2016.

Before circulating petitions, state law requires that groups must first have the form of their petition approved by the secretary of state and attorney general. The secretary of state then prepares a summary statement of no more than 100 words, and the state auditor prepares a fiscal impact statement, both of which are subject to the approval of the attorney general. When both statements are approved, they become the official ballot title.

Competitive renewal auctions

September 14, 2015

Don’t renew and energy contract without talking to CEC.

The good news.  80% of downstate IL has picked an alternative supplier.

The bad news.  Contracts don’t last forever and they have to be renewed.

It is on the renewal process that the majority of abuses happen.

Enter CEC.

Commercial Energy Consultants offer a competitive reverse auction at no cost.

Our reverse auction will let all available suppliers bid in reverse for your business.

You don’t have to call anyone and you don’t have to rely on your current supplier to be honest.

For Example:  CEC has a client who was rebid up 10% for the next two years. CEC ran an auction and the same supplier bid 30% less to keep the client.

Your other option is to call all of the suppliers (they are listed on our website) and do your own bidding.  I will bet you have other things to do running your business.

CEC would love to provide this service to your company.

Best regards,

Mike Grimes


Commercial Energy Consultants LLC


5 reasons not to have Homefield Energy as your supplier

July 30, 2015

Are you ready to save $$ on your energy bill now?

Did you know that your city opted for municipal aggregation last year in an effort to save you money on your energy bill? Simply stated, the city put all the residents together and bid them out.

Homefield Energy, owned by Ameren, was chosen. 

Did you know that Ameren then sold Homefield Energy to Dynegy effective January 1, 2014, thus no longer making them Ameren? This means your power no longer comes from Ameren. You need to be concerned. Google “Dynergy Scandal” to learn more about your new parent!

Did you know that Dynegy owns 16 coal-powered plants in the state of Illinois? The current federal administration is now taking steps that mandate coal burning utilities make environmental upgrades that can cost millions of dollars – fees that can now be passed onto consumers – to YOU! Yes, Dynegy has the right to charge you – the consumer – for environmental upgrades!


You can switch – at NO cost – to a new non-coal burning energy supplier and avoid fees from environmental upgrades.

5 Reasons why Homefield  should not be your energy supplier.

1. . This clause is in your contract: Under change in Law: If there is a change in law, regulation, applicable tariff, or regulatory interpretation therof that affects herein during the Term or renewal Term  as determined in the sole discretion of Homefield Energy, Homefield Energy shall may modify those charges to reflect such change, and the modified charges shall appear on the next monthly invoice.

2. Homefield does not have a Early Termination clause in their contract.  This means if you sign with Homefield you can not get out of the contract even if the clause above is enacted.

3. Dynegy (Homefields parent)  has a 33.5 debt to EBITDA ratio, the highest for any independent generator. ( a 3 is deemed a red flag)

4. Dynegy  is under investigation by Lisa Madigan for manipulating a recent capacity auction.

5.  Google Dynegy Scandal to learn about Homefields parent.

The Miso Mess

May 24, 2015

The Miso Capacity auction results go into effect June 1st 2015.  A little history is need here.

In April 2015 The Mid continent Independent System Operator (MISO) announced the results of it third annual Planning Resource Auction.

Zones 1-3 and 5-7 cleared at $3.48/MW a day

Zone 4 (Downstate Illinois)  cleared at $150/MW a day

Zones 8-9, cleared at $3.29/MW a day

In previous auctions Zone 4 cleared at 16.75 and 1.05/MW a Day

Why then did Downstate Illinois clear at 9 times last years rate and more than 40 times the other zones?

The Generator of Power in Down state Illinois is Dynegy. For info on Dynegy Google Dynegy Scandal.

Dynegy has 28000 MW of generating power.  Why then did they commit less than 2300 MW of power to the auction.

CEC thinks something smells fishy here and you only have to follow the money to figure out who is responsible for this mess?

Consider this:

Lisa Madigan The Illinois states Attorney  says Dynegy stands to make 248 million from the auction.

In Sept 2014 Dynegy asked Miso to change is auction or

Dynegy: Change MISO Capacity Rules or We’ll Join PJM.

Miso denied Dynegy move to PJM. Can this possibly be retribution for not letting Dynegy out of Miso?

If you have a fixed Energy Contract you need not worry until renewal. All other contracts will be effected including Ameren default rate.

Whats a business owner to do?

File a complaint.  FERC ( Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)  regulates Dynegy.  Take a minute and register a complaint and maybe if enough of us complain FERC will invalidate the auction. Click below to sens FERC a message.

Please send a message to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Investigate these insane rate hikes!

CEC has suppliers not effected by the rate hike.  Don’t hesitate to call with questions.

Are you surprised by your January power bill?

February 13, 2015

I’ve been hearing this a lot lately. Why are energy costs are so high every January?

First: Natural Gas is on the bill and you are using more when it is cold. If you are a commercial account you can deregulate your Nat Gas if you use the minimum (1000 therm annually) and save 20%.

Second: Delivery costs are up 20% starting January 1st. Again, if you are a commercial account you will save 10% on the delivery cost by deregulating.

Third: Consumption is up because of the cold weather, especially if you have a 100% electric home or building.

As you can see a combination of the above can lead to a big January bill.

If you are thinking of taking advantage of commercial deregulation the deadline for Nat Gas is March 12th. Papers have to be in by then and you will receive your lower gas cost May 1st.

At Commercial Energy Consultants we pride ourselves on helping people get the lowest energy costs.

We are local with offices at 15 Canty lane in Fairview Heights IL.

Don’t hesitate to call and set a meeting to discuss lowering your power rates.

Mike Grimes
Commercial Energy Consultants LLC

Homefield Strikes Again

January 30, 2015

Not many times am I driven to right a wrong.

Let me explain:

Homefield Energy was sold to Dynegy in Jan 2014. I venture to say 99% for the people do not know this fact. There are a lot of Homefield customers out there that still think Ameren owns them.

So Dynegy is your new parent. But who is Dynegy? Google Dynegy Scandal and get ready for a shock.

Now why did 151 Municipalities choose Homefield for their residents? I surmise those decisions were made prior to Jan 2014.

I was recently in competition with Homefield for a client and had a chance to review their contract.

Here’s what I found.

Under change in Law: If there is a change in law, regulation, applicable tariff, or regulatory interpretation that effects this contract as determined in the sole discretion of Homefield Energy, Homefield Energy my modify those charges to reflect such change, and the modified charges shall appear on the next monthly statement.”

As you will find out when you research Dynegy they own 16 coal fired plants in Illinois. You may also be aware the the EPA appears to have a war on Coal. Per above if homefield is fined or made to upgrade any of these plants, It appears Homefield can recover the regulatory interpretation from your next monthly utility bill.
So much for an attractive rate…NOT, if it can change monthly.

I hope I made you more aware of the risk of having Homefield as your electric supplier.

For more info on this topic visit

Nat Gas update 1/15/2015

January 15, 2015

Market- Natural gas prices traded much higher
during the week but trading lower this morning
after the storage report. Short term cold weather
is here but continued ample supply couple with
increasing LNG exports signal traders that there is
plenty of natural gas. Natural gas storage
inventories are higher than last year but lower
than the five-year average as seen on the graph
to the right. Prices are supported by global
increasing demand for Liquefied Natural Gas
(LNG).The US gas traditional rotary rig count
increased 1 rig and horizontal drilling decreased
35 rigs. Gas production levels due to shale drilling
are still strong. Natural gas is very attractive to fix
for winter and beyond.
The Crude oil price for Feb is lower this week at
$48.48 per barrel. Heating oil is lower at $ 1.66
per gal. Unleaded gasoline futures are lower this
week at $1.35 and gasoline at the pump is around
$1.95…in Indiana. The natural gas storage report
this week was a withdrawal of 236BCF; storage is
282BCF higher than last year and 113BCF lower
than the 5 year average.

HSS hourly pricing

December 19, 2014

Hourly Supply Service (HSS) for Non-Residential Customers
As an added alternative for electric supply, Ameren Illinois offers a hourly supply service option that allows all customers access to variable hourly prices for power.

Hourly supply services fluctuate based on market supply and demand. Generally speaking, market prices are highest during times of peak demand (between 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. daily and during the summer months of June through September). Customers can use the price signals available through HSS to guide their energy use and potentially save money when compared to the standard rate. HSS customers are encouraged to check day-ahead prices.

Ameren Illinois does not profit from electric supply charges, including those for hourly supply service. We pass along the price we pay for electricity to our customers, dollar for dollar.

Regardless of your choice for electric supply, Ameren Illinois will remain your delivery company and will continue to respond to service calls, outages and emergencies, and issue your monthly bill.

If you would prefer a fixed price give me a call

It’s time to deregulate your natural Gas account

December 4, 2014

If you run a company, it’s time to deregulate your natural gas.

As the weather turn cold thoughts turn to winterizing and turning up the furnace and

as the furnace flows so does your natural gas bill.

What’s a business to do?

Did you know you can pick an alternative natural gas supplier?

You get the exact same gas delivered over the exact same pipes for approximately 20% less.

Ok, I am interested. How do I find an alternative supplier?

Enter Commercial Energy Consultants. (CEC)

CEC is a local company that represents most of the natural gas suppliers. We stand in between you and suppliers to make certain you are getting the lowest bid. There is no cost to find the supplier. CEC is paid by the supplier you select.

If you use 1000 therm annually to can pick a supplier. If you use 10,000 therm annually you qualify for our reverse auction which allows available suppliers to bid in reverse in a quick 10 minute auction right on your computer screen.

One caveat, You must be using Ameren Natural Gas and papers must be in by Mar 1 2015 for a May 2015 flow date.

If you just like more info take a look at our website or give me call at the numbers below

Look forward to meeting with you and happy holidays

Mike Grimes


Commercial Energy Consultants LLC

Illinois Licensed and bonded


314-735-4419 F

p.s. Cec is open for business in twelve states including IL, OH, NY, NJ, TX, CT, DC, DE, PA, MA, And MD

Be sure to check with me to determine what supplier are available in your state